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About Us

Mind Matters is a psychiatrist & neurologist led team that provides both brain mappings and neurofeedback therapy  for over 25 diagnoses cleared by the FDA.

Our Technology
Insurance Coverage

Rise Above the Rest

• Most advanced neurofeedback technology cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

• Proven clinical outcomes for 25 different diagnoses in numerous randomized clinical trials.

• World-renowned neuroscientists design specific, unique training programs for every patient.

• AI software displays and analyzes data allowing us to train focused zones of the brain as small as 5 cubic millimeters.

• Most current analytical methods are employed to customize feedback programs, providing you with the best available treatment modalities.

Annotation 2022-02-09 054258.jpg
Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


Mind Matters local specialists are overseen by our Medical Directors Donald Mayes, MD and Nahil Chohan, MD.


Dr. Mayes is a board-certified psychiatrist with 18 years of clinical psychiatry experience. In addition to his expertise in management of mood disorders, substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, and adjustment disorders, Dr. Mayes' clinical work has often centered around treatment of veterans. He was trained during residency at the Veterans Administration and has become the psychiatrist that his team members and referring doctors send veteran patients to for accurate and compassionate treatment.

Dr. Chohan is a board-certified psychiatrist with professional appointments at several leading medical schools. She is widely published in psychiatry on the topics of addiction, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. She has extensive experience working with the veteran population at the Veterans Administration and has been recognized for her outstanding educational skills. 

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